Your Man - How to Know If He Loves You

David Bobo • 29 September 2020

How to know if he loves you isn't as easy question to answer. Not all men are yelling from the rooftops when they are in love. Some seem to hold onto that information tightly as if expressing it may mean the relationship is doomed. If you're with a man who has yet to tell you he loves you, but you are deeply in love with him, it's frustrating. Obviously there isn't a woman alive who wants to spend months, or worse yet years, waiting for a man to proclaim his love. If you suspect he's developed strong feelings for you there are a few behavior patterns that silently suggest he's head over heels.

When you are thinking about how to know if he loves you consider whether or not he keeps his promises to you. This may seem like an insignificant thing, but it's not. A man in love with a woman will always keep the promises he makes to her. If he says he'll be there at a certain time, he'll be there. If he tells you he'll do something for you, he'll get it done. When a man makes promises and then always breaks them he's not being considerate. An inconsiderate man is not a man in love.

If a man is supportive of your decisions, regardless of what they are, he's crazy about you. A man in love wants to be his woman's biggest fan. He'll cheer her on and tell her she's the best. He'll never tell her that he thinks she could do better and he won't judge her based on her career path or life decisions. He wants her to know that he supports her without question. A man who isn't in love won't do that.

The question of how to know if he loves you is easy to answer if you pay attention to how much he calls. We all know that men aren't as quick to pick up the phone to call women as women are to call men. However, if a man is in love he wants to hear that woman's voice. He wants to know how she is and if she's having a good day. He wants to think about when he'll see her next and how happy she makes him. If your guy calls you every day or several times a day, there's no need to question his devotion. He's in love with you. His actions prove it.

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by Gillian Reynolds