Hypnotic Language And How To Use It

David Bobo • 29 September 2020
Hypnotic Language And How To Use It

Trance is a perfectly safe and natural state that we all experience several times a day, we can enter a trance state when we are watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, anything that requires our complete attention can induce trance. A hypnotist can use hypnotic language patterns to guide a subject into a trance and then give therapeutic suggestions once the subject has reached a trance state.

Milton Hyland Erickson 1901-1980 was an American psychiatrist who is widely regarded as the father of modern hypnotherapy. Before Erickson hypnotists would induce trance by swinging their pocket watches, not everyone was susceptible to the pocket watch induction and hypnotherapy was considered pseudoscience by most.

Sigmund Freud was not a fan of hypnosis although it is said that he did use hypnotic techniques. A hypnotherapist considers trance to be a way of communicating with the unconscious mind, Freud considered the unconscious mind to be a cesspool of unhealthy thoughts and desires that he wanted to leave well alone.

Erickson had success using hypnotic language patterns and metaphors, virtually everyone became susceptible to hypnosis thanks to the language patterns that Erickson developed. Erickson developed a covert hypnosis style which bypassed the conscious mind so even the most nervous of patients could be treated by him. In this post, we are going to look at a few different types of hypnotic language patterns and give some examples.


Truisms are statements that nobody can argue with and the can be used right the way through the hypnotic process from pre-induction to metaphoric storytelling;

People always go into a deep, relaxing trance when sitting in that chair and listening to my voice.”

As you lie there you can listen to my voice.”
“Sometimes, people can go into trance with their eyes wide open.”

Trance is a perfectly safe and natural state that we all experience.”

You remember how it feels when you’re just drifting off to a nice relaxing sleep and you are not quite awake and you are not quite asleep.”

You know how it feels to just relax and let go.”

Erickson would also observe the subject if they twitched their nose or their eyelids fluttered he would also use that as a truism to put his subject into a trance. He would make it appear as though it was the subjects choice to go into trance, he did not command them as that would create resistance.

Embedded Commands

Truisms can be used to set up and lead into embedded commands, embedded commands are statements that may or may not be true but because the first part of the sentence is a truism the embedded command slips past the conscious mind;

As you lie there you can listen to my voice and relax deeply.”

"You can hear my voice and feel yourself becoming more relaxed."

And as you listen to my voice you can remember how easy it is to relax.”

Binds and Double Binds

Binds are a way of gaining commitment if you know you are going to get the desired response you can use a bind, such as;

Are you ready to experience trance now?"

A double bind gives two options so the subject has the illusion of choice but both options lead to the desired outcome;

Would you like to go into trance with your eyes wide open or closed?”

Would you like to experience trance in this chair or that one?”

Would you like to experience trance now or later?”

Although the subject gets to choose how they experience trance they have still agreed that they will be experiencing trance. Double binds are also commonly used by salespeople in what is known as a presumptive close;

Would you like to pay by cash or card?”

Would you like the red one or the blue one?”

Hypnotic language patterns are not just used by hypnotists, hypnotherapists and salespeople, the language examples above are used by many of us in everyday conversation without and we don't even realise. See if you can spot the hypnotic language patterns next time you see an advertisement in the paper, watch a politician on T.V or go to buy a car. Knowing about covert hypnosis techniques may help to prevent you buying things you don't really need or being talked into things you don't really want to do.


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