How To Prepare For A Music Festival

David Bobo • 29 September 2020
How To Prepare For A Music Festival

Music festivals are an incredible and fun experience. It is something you will remember and talk about in family and friend reunions. Most musical festivals require overnight camping, or at least the good ones do! Planning on going to a music festival soon? Make sure to read on to know what to take and what to expect.

Here is a compiled list of the things you should definitely consider having with you during one of these events: tent (find out how many friends are going with you and then add two spaces for storage. So if there will be four people in total, take a tent sized for six people so you can store all items inside with you), sleeping bags (sometimes they are optional if your tent is super comfy already or you can opt out for a sleeping mat instead, which is cheaper and still comfortable!), a cool box (take only if cooking), a good flashlight, a first aid kit, fold out chairs (you will want to sit, trust me!), clothes (Avoid taking your favorite clothes as they will most likely get dirty, very dirty.), thick socks, a bag for dirty clothes (separating dirty clothes from clean ones is plain necessary), toilet paper (one roll for each person if possible, you will not find any at a music festival and you will surely need them), baby wipes (it is unlikely you’ll find showers there as well so the wipes will be a huge commodity), bottles of water, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and sunscreen (this is fundamentally recommended for any outdoor activity, the sun’s harmful rays are no joking matter.

You will be spending an incredible amount of time under the sun, especially if the area has no trees or umbrellas to offer shade). Check off each item as you pack.

Here are some quick tips for pitching your tent: 1) do not pitch near a toilet or the smell will eventually make you sick, and 2) avoid pitching next to pathways or busy trafficking areas. You will want to pitch far away from the arena if you are looking for a quiet place to rest.

If conceivable, do not take your new iPhone or android phone to a music festival if staying in a tent! Though it is very unlikely that theft will happen, it is possible to lose your phone quite easily in the crowd. Take an old phone for emergency dialing and texting. You can enjoy the music festivals without recording it with a cellphone; it is even better that way. If you must take it, try to also take an extra battery or a chargeable batter pack. You can find outlet posts but they will most likely get crowded very quickly.

Another quick suggestion is to decide among your friends where to meet up in case one of you gets lost. Pick an easy to locate and to remember spot. Also, have fun! There will be hundreds of people wanting to have fun as well.

Take your precautions but also explore and meet new people. You can hear the most interesting tales from strangers. You won’t be young forever so enjoy all the things you can do today when responsibilities and worries can still be postponed for a bit longer.


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