How To Get A Date

David Bobo • 29 September 2020
How To Get A Date

For some men, walking up to a girl they have never talked to before is an arduous task. For this reason, some people have resorted to using pick up lines and other smart moves. At the same time, a good number of ladies have pointed out that some men lack common etiquette and basic good manners when they approach them. Due to the important role that first impressions play in determining whether someone will spend quality time with you, a person who lacks decorum is unlikely to successfully approach a girl. However, it is true that knowing how to approach a girl is an important thing for any guy on the dating scene.

Most relationship experts agree that talking to a girl who is a stranger is never easy. However, men who are keen on learning how to approach a girl will be able to get rid of the nervousness and anxiety that accompanies making such a move.

Do not make the approach based purely on sexual desire

When approaching a girl, this will be one of the most important things to remember. While it is true that ladies like to be complimented for their unique physical beauty, this should not be the only area of focus. Here, a man would have to be original and creative when engaging the fairer sex. In fact, any man in the dating world should realize that a girl is likely to be offended when one compliments only their body without noticing any other outstanding qualities.

Make eye contact and smile

For any man who is still learning how to approach a girl, this move is likely to up his chances significantly. Before approaching a girl, one should make and maintain eye contact in an effort to find out if the girl is interested in them. At the same time, one can choose to smile at the girl they are interested in. In case the girl smiles back, this may be an indication that she is interested. As such, one can proceed to approach her once they have checked her body language.

Be calm and confident

Before approaching any girl in whom you are is interested, you should ensure that you are feeling calm, confident and composed. Failure to do this will see you being nervous, your heart beating faster, sweating a lot and having shaky hands. In addition to these signs of nervousness working to make the lady uncomfortable, they could also result in the guy making a number of embarrassing goofs. At the same time, several ladies have stated that calm, confidence is alluring and appealing.

Avoid approaching a girl when drunk

According to experts, approaching a girl while drunk is one of the biggest turnoffs. For this reason, anyone who wishes to learn how to approach a girl should not gather confidence after drinking. Indeed, this will work to their disadvantage, pushing away a girl that may have otherwise been interested. Approaching a girl with a sober and composed mind is likely to paint an image of a confident, focused and serious individual.

Choose the most suitable location to approach a girl

It is common for many guys to approach girls in bars. While there is nothing wrong with this, it may create the impression that one is simply out to hook up with an attractive lady. As such, creativity should help one in coming up with locations where ladies would be pleasantly surprised to get noticed. For instance, banks, parks, coffee shops or bookstores would be great places to approach a girl. In fact, such attention would come as a lovely surprise for most ladies.

Approach a girl within a reasonable amount of time

When learning how to approach a girl, you should remember to allocate enough time for different steps. In line with this, it should be noted that an interesting man can easily turn into a stalker if they seem to be in a rush or if they go for the ask within a short period of time. Therefore, it is clear that approaching a girl requires a given degree of planning.


All in all, knowing how to approach a girl will go a long way in establishing some degree of comfort for both parties. However, if things do not go the way the guy expected, he should not get discouraged or think that there is something wrong with him. Indeed, that is just how life works sometimes.  #Dating #Datingtips #Datingtipsformen #Datingadvice #Datingsites #Datingadviceformen #Dates

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